AMP Compensation Plan Updated

You will find the newly updated Compensation Plan located on your replicated website and in your back office under the “My Team” section.

It has been updated with the AMP Premium Associate Program as well as the AMP Tech Products.

You can also view it here.

There is a lot of horsepower in this compensation plan!


AMP Now Offers LIVE Chat Support!

We are pleased to announce we are offering LIVE Chat Support for our AMP Members! 

You can use this service through our Facebook Page at 

Keep in mind this is not 24/7 support so please be patient as we work on getting you the answers and assistance you need.


Upgrade to AMP Premium Associate

We are hearing everyone is excited to upgrade into the AMP Premium Associate level ($19.99usd).  Please bear with us as we update the back office and make this upgrade available for everyone!  We will notify the AMP Nation as soon as this is ready for you to upgrade.



Marketing – 3 New Funnels

Just 2 weeks into our pre-launch and we are just getting started here at AMP with our Marketing and Graphics Packages.

One of the many benefits of our LOW monthly license fee of just $13.99, is our All-in-One done for you Marketing System.  This includes your AMP Website as well as your Captures Pages, Landing Pages, and Auto-Responder Emails.  We understand how important these tools are for building your online business and want this to be one less thing you need to worry about.  Log into your back office and, from the Menu, go to “Marketing” and then “Funnel.”

Be sure to check ’em out.
And then SHARE them with everyone ! ! !

Much Success 

AMP Store Demo

We have started loading content into the AMP Store!!!

Your AMP Store will be loaded with thousands of mobile apps and games. AMP will be adding new content continually. The AMP store will contain a variety of handpicked, undiscovered, diamonds in the ruff alongside many of the top producers. And the best part, 100% of the revenue generated from the AMP Store goes to AMP Associates.

How cool is that ?

AMP Store Goes Live January 2017 

(Not a member of AMP yet??  Visit and get your account setup ASAP. We are currently in pre-launch so grab your spot now. You won’t be billed until AMP goes live.)

AMP Explosion – Locked and Loaded Training Tonight

AMP training happening tonight on YouTube Live Stream hosted by our Master Distributor Justin Halladay and some leaders who are exploding their matrix!

Being a global company, it is a challenge coordinating enough live events for the many time zones AMP spans across. This is one reason why it’s very important to be subscribed to our YouTube Channel Here as mostly everything will be recorded.

The AMP Explosion – Locked and Loaded Training will begin tonight at 10:00pm EST and can be accessed RIGHT HERE.

You DO NOT want to miss this valuable training to help you explode your matrix!

See you there…. 


Whether this is your first visit or you have already secured your position in AMP, WELCOME!  Folks have been securing positions the last few days – it’s been fun to watch the growth.  Here are a few items of business:

  1. You can secure your position without your credit card being charged.
  2. There have been a few people experiencing issues with signing up to be an AMP Associate.  Please be aware, listed below are reasons your card may be declined:
  • Not enough needed information,
  • Not a valid card, or
  • Insufficient funds (a request of $1.00 is sent to your bank to verify the status of your card, however your card is not charged).
If you have had trouble and tried to fix the issue with no success, your best bet is to contact your bank.  Once you’ve contacted your bank to authorize the card, you should be able to set up your account with that card.
Please use the “Contact Us” link to let us know if you need assistance.
It’s amazing to see the movement happening in the field during the exciting AMP pre-launch process. Here’s to much success!