AMP WENT LIVE – March 15th

This is a very special time for us and you, AMP Nation. A lot, and we mean A LOT of work went into this launch. This is more than a 2 month pre-launch; AMP is the culmination of years of planning! Yes, our official pre-launch started back on Dec 8th, which seems like a lifetime ago, but so much more behinds the scenes have led up to this day and we are so AMPed you have made it with us.

You can see the Official Facebook Live on our Official Facebook Page shot from our Corporate Office in Richland, Washington.

Couple items to review.

  1. Currently the AMP Store App can only be downloaded onto an Android Device but this does not mean Apple users cannot join in on the fun.  You can use the Web Store at www.MyAMPStore.io to share the store front and you can share the URL links for individual games directly to your social networks and with all your friends.  Also, there are iOS games published by Voltage Partners (AMP parent) in the AMP Store.
  2. Apple and the AMP Club – YES, we have Apple apps for the Club. Currently we have 3 (waiting on Apple to finish their review) and soon to have many, many more! You can stay up-to-date about Apple on this page http://ampstore.io/ios-info. There will be links in the back office as well as on the iOS info page soon to download the Apple games in the Club.  We have some big plans for our Apple fans (hundreds of apps and games already beginning design by Voltage Partners) so please understand we are working on some really, really cool pieces for you!
  3. AMP Store revenue. Many of you have asked “why are we sharing the same AMP Store link.” That’s simple… Are there thousands of Google Play stores?  Or thousands of Apple Stores? NO. that would be silly. There is one AMP Store which everyone can share in the revenue. Collectively we are trying to get our AMP Store to go viral right?!  So, everyone sharing the same link is the way to do this. Plus, if people saw thousands of individual AMP Stores, it would look strange and people would be turned off from using our AMP Store.  The AMP Store revenue is shared on a “unique click” basis and you can learn more about how this works here in our FAQ and how you can share in the AMP Store revenue.
  4. Tech Products are coming soon. A lot of you are asking when you can order the tablet, the health tracker, and the VR Headset – we love that! We are working and the products will be available as soon as possible!
  5. Paying out in your country. We have solutions in place for every country. How one person in, say, Malaysia gets paid may vary from how someone in the US gets paid. This is simply the logistics of being a global corporation. The most important thing to know is we will GET YOU PAID! 

Please keep in mind we just launched, literally! This is Phase 1 for many of our technology solutions. We are constantly working on improving, enhancing and scaling our technology. You are in the right place, with the right company, at the right time! We are all in for a long prosperous ride with AMP and Voltage Partners.

Make sure you plug into the Corporate Update Calls every Monday night at 9pm EST to  stay informed about your business.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy this new video from many of our AMP Associates from all over the world. Join the Movement Today!