Another Milestone!

Friday March 31st was another huge milestone for technology, for the networking industry, and especially for AMP Nation! 

If you were tuned into the Monday Night Update Webinar you heard our VP say that there has not been a $Billion dollar tech company in our industry since ACN, and that was some time ago.  We are positioned to be that next $Billion dollar tech company. If you have already joined us, then you are on the ground floor, literally in at the beginning!

People are looking for something SimpleEasy to Share, and “Duplicatable.” AMP is all of that and more…

On Friday, AMP successfully sent out thousands of payments to AMP Associates all over the world.  We paid out 2, 3 and even 4 figure commissions and are excited for everyone that received an email “Congratulations you just got paid.” We are literally just getting started. It’s only the beginning and the revenue that you’ll receive from AMP will only increase as more and more games and apps are downloaded from the AMPStore, AMP Club subscriptions increase, and the matrix grows as you build your network. Now is when all the fun begins!

AMP is here to stay! ! ! 

Friday’s payouts included Fast Start Bonuses paying down 3 generations, Matrix pay and AMP Club sales on 2 generations. Our pay periods run from Monday through Sunday night 12 midnight PST. This first pay run was for March 15th (our launch date) – Sunday March 19th.  This pay run did not include any AMP Store revenue. AMP Store revenue is paid out monthly. Since AMP launched on the 15th of March, we will group the last 2 weeks of March with April and run through April 30th. Keep sharing those apps and games with everyone.