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Get Paid for Sharing One Fun, Free, Addictive App!

Introducing the biggest Social Gaming Hub ever, on Apple, Android, and the Web!

The mobile gaming industry is massive and sweeping the planet.

How would you like to cash in on this digital goldmine? Ever had an ad interrupt your game?

Tap into the revolution of “ad-free” game play with the most addictive games on the biggest Social Gaming Hub ever!
We’re providing the world with “ad-free” game play, and you can help us bring it to the masses.
Not a gamer? That’s ok because millions of people are!

With the AMPHub, You Get Paid 3 ways

Building a Business: AMPhub rewards you for building a team of like-minded entrepreneurs around the world. With a very powerful 3x9 matrix, both forced and compressed, you earn a monthly residual income for everyone you help get started as an AMP Associate.
The more associates you bring in, the more you get paid. The more associates they bring in,

AMPHub Subscriptions: We all hate those annoying ads most games require us to watch, interrupting our game play. Get Paid $2/month for every subscription you sell and get paid $1/month for every subscription your team sells of “ad-free” game play.

Free Users: The AMPHub is FREE Game Play. Fully integrated into the AMPHub is an Ad Network.
For every free user personally connected to you with the AMPHub is a potential payout.

The more users you invite...
The More You Get Paid
The More Users They Invite...
The income potential with the AMP Hub is limitless!!

Just a few of the AMPHub features:

Unlimited FREE Games!

Live Chat with Your Friends Check-In Locations Social News Feed Like, Comment, and Share Photos and Videos and Games Social Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Coming Soon: A place for Apple and Android Users to Challenge Each Other!

Your AMP Membership Includes:

“Ad-free” game play on the AMPHub.
The ability to sell “ad-free” game play subscriptions.
The ability to build a team.

All-in-One Marketing System: Website, Funnels, Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Email Responders - Complete and Ready to Use Technical Support and Training

Member Testimonials

Just a Small Sample of What our Members Have to Say About AMP!

“I have to say… after hearing directly from corporate about what is coming for every VIP and the AMP Nation… I am blown away. MORE money, MORE product value, and MORE opportunity to advance… all with LESS people! Simply amazing. All I can say is find 10 of your closest friends and tell them something BIG is here!!”
Dave Duke
“What an exciting time ahead of us in this amazing next Billion dollar company! It makes me more and more excited each and every day to be part of this revolution in the most explosive and fastest growing trend in the history as many experts call it! Fantastic times!!!”
Boris Pelah

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